Red and Yellow Hood, 10x8

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Red and Yellow Hood, 10x8


Oil on Board

by Anne Wolff

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About Anne Wolff

Anne Wolff, a renowned world-class animal artist, not only does extremely detailed and anatomically correct animals, but more importantly, is able to capture the spirit and personality in each animal. Her clients say it’s the way she does the eyes, which are indeed the windows to the soul. 

Animals have always been the primary focus of her art career because its what she has loved the most and she believes that to do something extraordinarily well you must concentrate on learning and perfecting that subject. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Her work speaks for itself. Her style is to have minimal or no background so that the animal is the center of attention. Over the past 25 years, Anne has amassed a very large following of loyal clients who have commissioned her to portray generations of their pets. 

Anne has a promise for her future clients. That promise is when a person sees their portrait for the first time that they will be touched on a deep emotional level. Many people are moved to tears, even if their pet is very much alive and in the same room. Others laugh at the sight of their best friend in a picture. And yet others are rendered speechless. 

Among her clients are top national champion dog, cat, and horse breeders and thousands of pet owners. She was the featured animal artist in the PBS documentary called “Living with Animals” Her work is displayed in many exclusive galleries and is in numerous private collections throughout the United States and abroad.