Follow My Lead, 36x36

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follow my lead, 36x36.jpeg
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Follow My Lead, 36x36


Oil on Board

by Carol Young

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About Carol Young

“I've always been an artist. At a young age I painted rocks and sold them for a quarter to my neighbors. When I made my first sale, I was hooked.

I continued my passion for drawing and illustration throughout my high school years but after graduating from the College of New Rochelle, NY as a fine art major, I became a Graphic Designer and painted as a hobby. Down the road I evolved my career into a Senior Creative Director, and painted on the side. I realized how much I missed my hands on art experience, and in 2013 I became a full time fine artist (and I still design as well).

Growing up I fell in love with the landscape of the North Fork of L.I., NY where my family owned a lovely vintage cottage. I marveled at the combination of the sea and the expansive farmlands. I started to realize the appeal that I had for old things - old barns and cottages particularly. I was intrigued by the way the light and shadow played with their interesting peaks and valleys. I also thought about the families that had lived there and worked on the land in the past. I started to paint them and soon became aware of their vulnerability. They were being knocked down and replaced with larger and newer buildings. It saddened me, and I started a quest to paint them in a contemporary fashion, so even the owner of a modern home could embrace the old architecture in some way. 

I play with a bold palette that is alive with color, pushing the contrast and brilliance. I also enjoy painting the sea with its ever changing skies and motion. I even have a series of animal paintings that show a bit of whimsy. As long as I am painting, I am happy!”